Digital X Ray System

X ray Generator
Power Rating -40kW
Line Nominal ,Phase -230V,3P,50/60hz
Method High Frequency Inverter,kV range-40 -125 kV,1kV step,mA range 10~500mA,18 steps,Timer Range 1m~10s,36 steps,mAs Range 0.1~500 mAs
“Maximum Power Output 500mA@80kV,400mA@100kV,320mA@125 kV”
Method Manual Adjustment
Maximum X ray Tube Voltage 150 kVp
Maximum X ray Light Field 48x48cm @SID100cm
Lamp Timer Push button/30s Timer
Projection Lamp LED 24V,1A
Dimension 225Wx240Dx185H
Inherent Protection 1.2mmAlEq

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Digital X Ray System


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