Cardiotography Machine (CTG) Fetal Monitor

LCD type screen displays trace and numbers
CTG analysis with baseline, acceleration, deceleration, and fetal movement
Cross channel verification prevents the miscalculated fetal heart rate
Light dexterous appearance, tops horizontally and walls can be hoisted
8.0 “screen color LCD display, rotatable screen to 60°
Display of the patient data and curve clearly
FHR 120 BPM~160 BPM normal range label
Manual/Auto records fetal movement
Sound and color remind users of high and low fetal heart rate
Continuous 24-hour real-time monitoring function
Continuous 12-hour patient curve and data storage , playback and print
With picture lock function
Optional English interface
Single, Twins Monitoring optional
12 crystal board band pulsed wave transducer
End of printing prompt sound



Cardiotography Machine (CTG)
Fetal Monitor can real-time acquire FHR, TOCO and FMOV, which can provide reference data for clinical use. It can be used individually or connected with central monitoring system in obstetrical department to form a network monitoring system.


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