Ambulance Stretcher

Automatic stretcher to load and unload patients from emergency vehicles, can be moved by only one person.
Specially designed with roll-in system to easily load and unload patients from emergency vehicle without lifting them.
Legs fold under cot automatically as stretcher is rolled into the vehicle.
Lock-in operating position as cot is removed from vehicle, left-hand and right-hand control levers unlock front and back legs respectively so as to be folded when cot is loaded.
Polyethylene covered legs allow cot to roll smoothly in and out of vehicle.
Mattress, belts, side rails, IV stand and fixing devices are included.
Maximum size (LxWxH): 193x60x88 cm
Minimum size (LxWxH): 193x60x21 cm
Packing size: 195x61x26 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Load: 159 kg




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